Riga 5th Boarding School – Development centre

Riga 5th Boarding School – Development centrewas found in 1972. We are situated in 3 different buildings. At the moment there are 215 students in our school.

The Head teacher Iluta Vilnīte leads the school team with 5 Deputies, 5 methodologists, 70 teachers and the support of outreach specialists as Pediatrician, Psychiatrist, Ergotherapist, 3 nurses, 2 Psychologists, Montessori Teacher, Sling therapist, 2 Art therapists, 2 Speech and Language therapists.

The School runs the provision of two state programs for children with special needs, as well as four professional educational programs as:

  • Cook assistant
  • Housekeeper assistant
  • Dress maker assistant
  • Builder assistant

    We specialize in provision of supporting the students with ASD, work on Curriculum through the individual approach, ingage students in different after school activities, develop their talents and social skills, preparē them to the adult life, work along with the parents, foster parents , social services and other involved organisations.

    We organize ourselves as well as take part in many events in our city Riga, districts of Latvia.

    We participate in different International projects as Erasmus+, Nordplus.

    We run the policy of inclusion and do our best to provide the healthy educational and social environment for every student.

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